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Luksander's Falconry Transmitters

The Razor

- Razor Thin / Low Profile
- High Power Output
- 6" Antenna
- Magnetic On / Off
- Snag Free Design
- Perfect for short and long wings
- Thin, flat and tapered
-Lifetime Warranty

Introducing the Razor
Click on any model's image for more information about that transmitter series.



High output transmitters in a lightweight durable case. After more than 2 decades, these compact powerhouses still deliver reliable performance.



The same size and weight of the LF-2 series yet twice the transmitting power using military spec parts.



Two stage transmitters that use a little more battery for greater transmitting power. These use two 1.5 volt silver oxide batteries.



Cylindrically potted, pulse modulated and designed primarily for long life. They are powered by one 1.5 volt silver oxide battery.



Smaller, more lightweight versions of all LF series transmitters are available and designated as Merlin Series Transmitters.



Long life transmitters designed for the purpose of enduring a long and harsh hack period.

LF 4


Rugged, high output transmitter using one 1/3N battery. Modern features such as low battery detection and magnetic on/off function made possible by on board microcontroller.

The Razor


High output, Extremely low profile transmitter designed with tail mounting in mind.


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Which batteries go with your transmitter?

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For information on parts click on the image to the left or click Here. Inside you will find prices and descriptions of individual parts to help you on your way to keeping your Luksander transmitter in excellent working order.


L.L. Electronics fielded the world's first transmitters made specifically for the purpose of tracking hunting falcons in 1974, paving the way for a new industry. The concept was simple, take the existing radio transmitter technology in use and adapt it to the falconer's needs. The result was a lightweight, reliable, and powerful yet long lasting transmitter. We set the standards for reliability and performance in falconry transmitters.


We offer a variety of transmitter models to satisfy the wide range of needs of different falconers. We offer larger more powerful transmitters for birds such as falcons that are adept at climbing to high altitudes and flying for long distances in a short amount of time. We also offer transmitters for smaller hunting birds such as Merlins and Kestrels that have a hard time dealing with larger loads. Our transmitters are also well suited for use on larger raptor species. We offer long life falconry telemetry as well as high output transmitters or rugged long-life hack transmitters designed for the purpose of hacking your bird.

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