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103 N Prairie View Rd
Mahomet, IL, 61853
United States



L.L. Electronics fielded the world's first transmitters made specifically for the purpose of tracking hunting falcons in 1974, paving the way for a new industry. The concept was simple; take the existing radio transmitter technology in use and adapt it to the falconer's needs. The result was a lightweight, reliable, and powerful yet long lasting transmitter. We set the standards for reliability and performance in falconry transmitters.


Sound and Light

Alternative tracking methods using sight and/or sound instead of, or in addition to, standard RF tracking.

LL Beeper Bell
from 79.00
from 200.00
LL Flasher Bell
from 99.00

High Power Transmitters

High Output Transmitters push the limits of battery technology, packing the largest punch into the smallest package possible. Tuned to continue working in the freezing cold or the blistering heat and resistant to impact and vibration up to 50,000 g's, these units offer both reliability and power.

XLF 4.5v
from 155.00
from 180.00
XLF 3v
from 155.00
XLF 6v
from 155.00
LF-3 2G
from 125.00

Long Life Transmitters

Long Life Transmitters  have continuous operating times ranging from 14 days (330 hours) to 55 days (1,300  hours), balancing exceptional output power with long battery life.

LF-1 2G
from 110.00
LF-2 2G Hack
from 125.00
LF-2 2G
from 115.00
LF-3 2G Hack
from 135.00

Miniature Transmitters

The Second Generation of the Merlin Special Series Transmitters, now the 2G Special series, are the latest in miniature transmitter tech. These devices are  designed with size in mind, all around 2 grams in weight with batteries installed. Despite being about half the size of other small transmitters, 2G Special series transmitters deliver comparable signal strength and better battery life.

LF-3 2G Special
from 130.00
LF-2 2G Special
from 115.00
LF-1 2G Special
from 110.00