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Falconry Telemetry

Radio Telemetry Receivers

Dog Tracking Collars

Luksander Falconry Transmitters are, by far, the best bang for your buck. Transmitters like the XLF still outperform the competition in the field and are backed by over 30 years of experience. If you want a transmitter that will work in all weather conditions with performance any engineer could be proud of, it has to be LL Electronics.

FL Electronics still offers the best performance in Radio Tracking Receivers today. Powerful equipment behind a minimalist design translates to ease of use. Coupled with the Yagi-Uda Design antenna these units are still the best for long range sensitivity and up close directionality, this is professional grade equipment..

LL Electronics Dog Tracking systems are no-nonsense, rugged, waterproof collars that stand up against the punishment boar and bear hunters see every time out. With exceptional transmission power and extra long life lithium batteries these are collars that will help you get your dog home time and again.

Mission Statement
: We intend to provide the very best quality product and service in the industry to our customers. We specialize in traditional radio tracking systems based on powerful transmitters and extremely sensitive receivers. All of our equipment is manufactured and fine tuned utilizing over 3 decades of experience specific to this field.

Since our official opening for business in 1974 we have been making quality Falconry Transmitters, Dog Tracking Collars and Radio Telemetry for many other applications with an emphasis on reliability and power. It is always said that the best design is a simple one, and we believe that. Our transmitters are based on clean simple designs that are both powerful and reliable, in many cases lasting for over 20 years of rigorous use without being serviced once!

Superior to GPS


What is Radio Telemetry?

Radio Telemetry is the use of Radio Frequency (RF) Signals to measure the distance, location and status of the animal, human or object being tracked.

Our equipment is very easy to use. The transmitter is placed on any object you wish to track and then, using our receivers with directional antenna, the general location and direction of the object can be determined. With our Radio Telemetry Equipment you will be able to walk right up to your target.

Certain transmitters can be designed to change pulse rates with temperature or position (vertical or horizontal) to inform the tracker on the status of the object. Treeing switches for Dog Tracking Collars to indicate when the dog has gone on tree, or a temperature sensor in a fish transmitter that will allow a researcher to know the approximate depth a fish is at.

Look through our products to see what is available. If you don't see something and would like something different, we can design transmitters to fit your needs. Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail for more information.

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