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LL Electronics Dog Tracking Collar

Smart Collar 1000

More Output Power!
Longer life from one battery!
Lightweight yet Rugged Design.
More visible than models with more LED's
Magnet tap on/off LED Function.
User serviceable, saves you time and money.
User replaceable battery and Antenna.
Microchip driven Smart Collar Technology.
Low Battery Indication.

Introductory Price: $145
W/ Tree Switch: $155

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Largest Lineup of Tracking Collars Anywhere

Durable and weather resistant units are available in a wide range of sizes, power and other variations to meet your needs.  LD-3 series Dog Tracking Collars feature rechargeable batteries that are good for well over 700,000 hours on well over 1000 recharges.  LD-4 series Dog Tracking Collars have high power, lithium batteries and can last for anywhere from 2,000 to 16,000 hours of continuous use. Many LD-4 tracking units have continued to operate flawlessly even after upwards of 5 years of use without a battery change.  Lithium Batteries used in our collars have shelf lives and capacities many times higher than regular store bought alkaline batteries. Our lithium batteries also have a much greater power output which, when coupled with our efficient transmitters, means superior range and life.


-Injection Molded ABS plastic
-Magnetic reed switch activation
-Stainless Steel nylon coated antenna
-Daglow or seven-ply Neoprene Collars
-Digital Pulse for clean consistent tone
-High gain amplifiers for Maximum range
-5 year warranty on electronics

LD 4 8K


Range: Flats(Hills) 12 Miles (3 Miles)
Battery Life 8,000 hours Continuous
Weight 8.6oz on Daglow Collar
Tree/Point Both Optional

Tracking: $125
Tree: $135
Point: $135

LD 4 16K

Range: Flats(Hills) 16 Miles (4 Miles)
Battery Life 16,000 hours Continuous
Weight 11oz on Daglow Collar
Tree/Point Both Optional

Tracking: $130
Tree: $140
Point: $140

Treeing Dogs


A tilt switch is available to those hunting prey that readily climbs the nearest tree. While the dog is following the trail the transmitter pulses at a consistent one beat per second, when the dog goes into a treeing position (as pictured to the left) the pulse rate jumps up to approximately 2 beats per second, immediately and definitively
alerting the hunter that his dogs
have treed their quarry.



Our collars are Ruggedly constructed to endure the punishment that your dog (and prey) can deal. These units are sealed from the elements. The magnetic on/off switch helps to ensure that there is no way moisture can get permeate the collar.Our collars take advantage of more powerful lithium batteries substantially increasing life and range over regular alkaline batteries.




CS 4 Flash
CS-4 Flash Collar

Range: Flats(Hills) 8 Miles (2 Miles)
Battery Life 400 hours Continuous
Weight 1.8oz in Flash Collar
Tree/Point Point

Point: $155

LD 3 Rechargeable
LD-3 Rechargeable

Range: Flats(Hills) 10 Miles (2 Miles)
Battery Life 700,000+ hours over 1000 recharges
Weight 7.8oz on Daglow Collar
Tree/Point Both Optional

Tracking: $145
Tree: $155
Point: $155


Both the CS-4 and LD-3 Models are UKC and AFTCA approved for Pointer Field trials.

Our newest innovation for point dogs is the CS-4 Flash Collar. These bright orange and yellow reflective Tracking Collars are easy to see, and have a pocket in which the Radio Transmitter is placed. The transmitter is powered by a replaceable 2032 Lithium Battery. The dog does not associate the collar with a shock collar due to its total weight of under 2 ounces. When in tracking mode the collar pulses at an erratic, accelerated manner. When the dog goes on point the collar pulses steadily at 1 pulse per second.

Superior to GPS

Our Radio Tracking Collars are High power, Long life units designed to aid in tracking your dog over extended distances for long periods of time. The transmission power and battery life of our Radio Tracking Collars is superior to that of GPS systems. GPS systems typically only last for a few days of continuous broadcasting, whereas our collars will last for up to 2 years continuously broadcasting. This ensures that if you have lost your dog you have PLENTY of time to find them. These Radio Tracking Collars are very powerful and able to penetrate dense cover, customers have even found their dogs wearing our Tracking Collars in underground caves and drainage tiles, this is a feat that GPS will never accomplish.


Ranges are based on Collars being 1 Meter from ground, with line of sight in flat areas.. Better ranges can be gained
with line of sight and height advantages. Ranges can be affected by interference and other atmospheric conditions.

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