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Tracking Collars

Largest Lineup of Tracking Collars Anywhere

Durable and weather resistant units are available in a wide range of sizes, power and other variations to meet your needs.   Lithium Batteries used in our collars have shelf lives and capacities many times higher than regular store bought alkaline batteries. Our lithium batteries also have a much greater power output which, when coupled with our efficient transmitters, means superior range and life.



-Injection Molded ABS plastic
-Magnetic reed switch activation
-Stainless Steel nylon coated antenna
-Daglow or seven-ply Neoprene Collars
-Digital Pulse for clean consistent tone
-High gain amplifiers for Maximum range
-5 year warranty on electronics


Our Radio Tracking Collars are high power, long life units designed to aid in tracking your dog over extended distances for long periods of time. The transmission power and battery life of our Radio Tracking Collars is superior to that of GPS systems. GPS systems typically only last for a few days of continuous broadcasting, whereas our collars will last for up to 2 years continuously broadcasting. This ensures that if you have lost your dog you have PLENTY of time to find them. These Radio Tracking Collars are very powerful and able to penetrate dense cover, customers have even found their dogs wearing our Tracking Collars in underground caves and drainage tiles; this is a feat that GPS will never accomplish.

Superior Range & Battery Life to GPS:

GPS : 24 hours of battery life and onlly 5-7 miles of range

LLE Tracking Collars: 1,000 to 16,000 hours of battery life and 15-21 miles line-of-sight range.



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White SC battery compartment.JPG
White SC compare size.JPG


from 125.00

Our SC-1000, or Smart Collar 1000, is our newest tracking collar with more user-friendly features.  The SC-1000 offers a user replaceable battery and antenna.  Operating from a 1/2AA Lithium battery, you can find replacements anywhere!  With the option to replace these parts yourself, there is no need to send the collar to our facility for basic battery and antenna replacement.  The SC-1000 also features strategically placed LED lights that make your dog more visible at night.

With the option to turn the lights off, saving on battery life becomes easy.  With the lights running, the collar will see about 500 hours to a battery.  With the lights turned off, the collar sees 3,000 hours of battery life.  The Smart Collar also offers a low battery indicator to let you know it's time for replacement.

Weight:  4.5 ounces

Range: 12-15 miles on flat terrain


Also available: purchasing the collar without the LED lights.  In this case, the transmitter module will be black, not white.

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