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Our MN and MNS series receivers are the original, light weight, super sensitive and easy to use receivers. These abilities define our receivers for use by many different types of hunters, researchers and biologists.

Sleek, light weight aluminum receivers that will not rust or corrode are still among the smallest receivers today.

Analog tuning makes it possible to tune in the transmitter to within 10 hertz, exactly where it is most powerful, an advantage over digital scanners and receivers that can only get within 1 kilohertz (that means 100 times more accuracy.) An analog meter is used and is also far more sensitive than just audio from the speaker or digital meters, which only mimic a true needle meter.

Ease of Use:
Unlike other receivers our attenuator is built into the gain, eliminating the need for high-medium-low switches and a third knob. All you need to do is adjust the gain and tuning so that you get full deflection on the meter, and when you are too far out you can track by the audio when the gain is maxed as the attenuator automatically switches off. Two 9-volt batteries in the receiver ensures you have a backup when out in the field and a battery goes dead.

MN-10 Receiver

MN-10 deployed 2L.jpg
MN-10 deployed 2L.jpg

MN-10 Receiver

from 380.00

One of our more popular units for the past 30 years, the MN-10 is familiar, easy to use, and reliable.  Covering 100KHz within a given frequency, users have the capability of tracking up to 10 transmitters on one unit.  Each channel consists of 10KHz of coverage to allow for a fine tune for clear and precise tracking abilities.  


Optional: Add the Dual Function Meter (DFM) for $25.00.  This will give you a lighted meter with a battery tester.  

Purchase the receiver only to use with an existing antenna, or upgrade to the setup price and get the receiver, antenna, and cable.  Choose from the Yagi Antenna or the Quick Fold Antenna.

Receiver Option:
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- Ten 10KHz channels.
- Operates on two 9-volt transistor radio batteries, can switch between the two for a built in backup.
- Crystal controlled dual conversion
IF 10.7MHz, 455KHz
3.5KHz IF Bandwidth
- 148 dB minimum discernable signal
- signal strength meter
- Speaker and earphone jack
- 60 dB signal attenuation built into gain control provides pinpoint accuracy at long and close ranges