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103 N Prairie View Rd
Mahomet, IL, 61853
United States

Biology & Research

Years of Experience

We have made transmitters for universities and other federal and state agencies for 35 years, which have done research on different fish, reptile, bird and mammal species. Our tracking systems have been used in research for many years without any problems. Experienced staff has seen it all, enabling us to manufacture exactly what you need, as well as help you decide on the best equipment for the job.


Customizable Tracking Systems

The design of our transmitters are very flexible and can be modified for use on virtually any animal that may need to be studied. From extremely small birds to very large mammals, our transmitters will fit the extremes that researchers face. Transmitters are customizable to fit your needs and specifications. We can manufacture transmitters with high output that can be tracked for miles, or we can make units that have battery lives measuring in months to years. All of our transmitters are designed with the best combination of battery life and output power possible.


Keeping it Simple

We believe that selecting a transmitter to use should be as simple as it is to use it. Here we show you a few of the basic units we make. All weights are with standard battery configuration and antenna. All transmitters are customizable in a wide variety of ways, from batteries used to mounting techniques to antenna lengths and gauges.


Please contact us for more specific information.  We can provide a quote for any research or biology project, featuring transmitters that best suit your needs.