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Falconry Transmitters from Luksander
New MNS 4000
Dog Collars From LL Electronics
Receivers from FL Electronics
Biology and Other Research Transmitters From LL Electronics
Radio Telemetry for Planes Rockets and other uses
Custom transmitters for a wide range of user applications
Luksander Telemetry - Quality Equipment Since 1974



L.L. Electronics and F.L. Electronics are now under the same roof manufacturing and selling their products together. Frank Luksander and Louis Luksander have made F&L Electronics a Limited Partnership and F.L. Electronics is now officially F&L LP.

Louis Luksander was born in the United States to the parents of Hungarian immigrants. His father, Frank Luksander, Worked with the University of Illinois for over 25 years wit the electrical engineering department working primarily with R.F. Engineering. Louis started L.L. Electronics at the age of 17 with the first transmitters for falconry purposes in 1974. Louis, a falconer himself has first hand experience with what falconer's need from their telemetry.

Frank and Elizabeth Luksander were born in Sopron, Hungary. After World War II Hungary was occupied by Communist Soviet Union forces through the mid to late 1950's. In 1956 during the time of the Hungarian revolution against the Communist occupation forces, Frank Luksander erected a radio jamming beacon to hinder the movements of the Soviet forces in Sopron, Hungary and surrounding areas. Due to the escalating danger Frank moved his family to the United States in 1956 fearing for his family's safety.

Frank, Elizabeth and their three daughters eventually moved to central Illinois near the University of Illinois where they made their home. In the following years they had two more sons, of which, Louis was last. Frank received a job at the University of Illinois where he worked on many different projects in Radio Frequency Engineering. Frank worked under prominent figures in the Electrical Engineering field such as John Bardeen (Nobel Prize: Transistor, Nobel Prize: Theory of Superconductivity), who co-developed the first Field Effect Transistor. Shortly after Louis Started L.L. Electronics making Transmitters, Frank started F.L. Electronics making receivers. Louis and Frank are now partners in ownership of F.L. Electronics and F.L. Electronics is now officially known as FL LP.


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